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A. Goguey, S. Malacria & C. Gutwin. Improving Discoverability and Expert Performance in Force-Sensitive Text Selection for Touch Devices with Mode Gauges. In Proceedings of CHI'18, April 2018. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
S. Siddhpuria, S. Malacria, M. Nancel & E. Lank. Pointing at a Distance with Everyday Smart Devices. In Proceedings of CHI'18, April 2018. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
A. Antoine, S. Malacria & G. Casiez. Using High Frequency Accelerometer and Mouse to Compensate for End-to-end Latency in Indirect Interaction. In Proceedings of CHI'18, p. 1-11, April 2018. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
J. Avery, S. Malacria, M. Nancel, G. Casiez & E. Lank. Introducing Transient Gestures to Improve Pan and Zoom on Touch Surfaces. In Proceedings of CHI'18, April 2018. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
M. Nancel, D. Vogel, B. De Araùjo, R. Jota & G. Casiez. Next-point prediction metrics for perceived spatial errors. In Proceedings of UIST'16, p. 271-285, October 2016. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
T. Jacob, G. Bailly, E. Lecolinet, G. Casiez & M. Teyssier. Desktop orbital camera motions using rotational head movements. In Proceedings of SUI'16, p. 139-148, October 2016. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
A. Goguey, M. Nancel, G. Casiez & D. Vogel. The performance and preference of different fingers and chords for pointing, dragging, and object transformation. In Proceedings of CHI'16, p. 4250-4261, May 2016. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
A. Gupta, T. Pietrzak, N. Roussel & R. Balakrishnan. Direct manipulation in tactile displays. In Proceedings of CHI'16, p. 3683-3693, May 2016. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube] Honorable mention (top 5% of all submissions)
J. Cauchard, J. Cheng, T. Pietrzak & J. Landay. Activibe: design and evaluation of vibrations for progress monitoring. In Proceedings of CHI'16, p. 3261-3271, May 2016. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
G. Bailly, S. Sahdev, S. Malacria & T. Pietrzak. LivingDesktop: augmenting desktop workstation with actuated devices. In Proceedings of CHI'16, p. 5298-5310, May 2016. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
M. Achibet, G. Casiez & M. Marchal. DesktopGlove: a multi-finger force feedback interface separating degrees of freedom between hands. In Proceedings of 3DUI'16, p. 3-12, March 2016. IEEE. [IEEE] [HAL] [YouTube]
T. Tsandilas, G. Magdalini & S. Huot. BricoSketch: mixing paper and computer drawing tools in professional illustration. In Proceedings of ITS'15, p. 127-136, November 2015. [ACM] [HAL] [vimeo]
G. Casiez, S. Conversy, M. Falce, S. Huot & N. Roussel. Looking through the eye of the mouse: a simple method for measuring end-to-end latency using an optical mouse. In Proceedings of UIST'15, p. 629-636, November 2015. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
M. Liu, M. Nancel & D. Vogel. Gunslinger: subtle arms-down mid-air interaction. In Proceedings of UIST'15, p. 63-71, November 2015. ACM. [ACM] [YouTube]
M. Constantinides, J. Dowell, D. Johnson & S. Malacria. Exploring mobile news reading interactions for news app personalisation. In Proceedings of MobileHCI, p. 457-462, August 2015. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
M. Nancel, D. Vogel & E. Lank. Clutching is not (necessarily) the enemy. In Proceedings of CHI'15, p. 4199-4202, April 2015. ACM. [ACM] [YouTube]
F. Haque, M. Nancel & D. Vogel. Myopoint: pointing and clicking using forearm mounted electromyography and inertial motion sensors. In Proceedings of CHI'15, p. 3653-3656, April 2015. ACM. [ACM] [YouTube]
M. Achibet, G. Casiez, A. Lécuyer & M. Marchal. THING: Introducing a tablet-based interaction technique for controlling 3D hand models. In Proceedings of CHI'15, p. 317-326, April 2015. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
S. Malacria, J. Aceituno, P. Quinn, G. Casiez, A. Cockburn & N. Roussel. Push-edge and slide-edge: scrolling by pushing against the viewport edge. In Proceedings of CHI'15, p. 2773-2776, April 2015. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
J. Gilliot, G. Casiez & N. Roussel. Direct and indirect multi-touch interaction on a wall display. In Proceedings of IHM'14, p. 147-152, October 2014. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
P. Dragicevic, F. Chevalier & S. Huot. Running an HCI experiment in multiple parallel universes. In CHI'14 Extended abstracts (alt.CHI), p. 607-618, April 2014. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
J. Gilliot, G. Casiez & N. Roussel. Impact of form factors and input conditions on absolute indirect-touch pointing tasks. In Proceedings of CHI'14, p. 723-732, April 2014. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
M. Nancel & A. Cockburn. Causality: a conceptual model of interaction history. In Proceedings of CHI'14, p. 1777-1786, April 2014. ACM. [ACM] [YouTube] Honorable mention (top 5% of all submissions)
C. Gutwin, A. Cockburn, J. Scarr, S. Malacria & S. C. Olson. Faster command selection on tablets with FastTap. In Proceedings of CHI'14, p. 2617-2626, 2014. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
S. Malacria, J. Scarr, A. Cockburn, C. Gutwin & T. Grossman. Skillometers: reflective widgets that motivate and help users to improve performance. In Proceedings of UIST'13, p. 321-330, October 2013. ACM. [ACM] [video]
P. Quinn, S. Malacria & A. Cockburn. Touch scrolling transfer functions. In Proceedings of UIST'13, p. 61-70, October 2013. ACM. [ACM] [YouTube]
E. Ghomi, S. Huot, O. Bau, M. Beaudouin-Lafon & W. E. Mackay. Arpège: learning multitouch chord gestures vocabularies. In Proceedings of ITS'13, p. 209-218, October 2013. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
D. Marchal, C. Moerman, G. Casiez & N. Roussel. Designing intuitive multi-touch 3D navigation techniques. In Proceedings of INTERACT'13, p. 19-36, September 2013. Springer. [Springer] [HAL] [YouTube]
S. Malacria, G. Bailly, J. Harrison, A. Cockburn & C. Gutwin. Promoting hotkey use through rehearsal with ExposeHK. In Proceedings of CHI'13, p. 573-582, April 2013. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
M. Nancel, O. Chapuis, E. Pietriga, X-D. Yang, P. Irani & M. Beaudouin-Lafon. High-precision pointing on large wall displays using small handheld devices. In Proceedings of CHI'13, p. 831-840, April 2013. ACM. [ACM] [YouTube]
Q. Roy, S. Malacria, Y. Guiard, E. Lecolinet & J. Eagan. Augmented letters: mnemonic gesture-based shortcuts. In Proceedings of CHI'13, p. 2325-2328, April 2013. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
J. Scarr, A. Cockburn, C. Gutwin & S. Malacria. Testing the robustness and performance of spatially consistent interfaces. In Proceedings of CHI'13, p. 3139-3148, April 2013. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
J. Aceituno, G. Casiez & N. Roussel. How low can you go? Human limits in small unidirectional mouse movements. In Proceedings of CHI'13, p. 1383-1386, April 2013. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
G. Bailly, T. Pietrzak, J. Deber & D. Wigdor. Metamorphe: augmenting hotkey usage with actuated keys. In Proceedings of CHI'13, p. 563-572, April 2013. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
J. Gilliot, G. Casiez & N. Roussel. Technique multi-points indirecte relative pour l'interaction avec des écrans de grandes dimensions. In Proceedings of ErgoIHM'12, p. 63-66, October 2012. ACM. [HAL] [YouTube]
N. Roussel, G. Casiez, J. Aceituno & D. Vogel. Giving a hand to the eyes: leveraging input accuracy for subpixel interaction. In Proceedings of UIST'12, p. 351-358, October 2012. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
B. De Araùjo, G. Casiez & J. Jorge. Mockup Builder: direct 3D modeling on and above the surface in a continuous interaction space. In Proceedings of GI'12, p. 173-180, May 2012. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
S. Perrault, S. Malacria, Y. Guiard & E. Lecolinet. Watchit: simple gestures for interacting with a watchstrap. In CHI'12 Extended abstracts (video showcase), p. 1467-1468, May 2012. ACM. [ACM] [YouTube]
E. Ghomi, G. Faure, S. Huot, O. Chapuis & M. Beaudouin-Lafon. Using rhythmic patterns as an input method. In Proceedings of CHI'12, p. 1253-1262, 2012. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube] Best paper award (top 1% of all submissions)
G. Casiez, N. Roussel & D. Vogel. 1€ filter: a simple speed-based low-pass filter for noisy input in interactive systems. In Proceedings of CHI'12, p. 2527-2530, May 2012. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
M. Amberg, F. Giraud, B. Lemaire-Semail, P. Olivo, G. Casiez & N. Roussel. STIMTAC, a tactile input device with programmable friction. In Adjunct proceedings of UIST'11 (demonstrations), p. 7-8, October 2011. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube] Best demo award, second place
G. Casiez & N. Roussel. No more bricolage! Methods and tools to characterize, replicate and compare pointing transfer functions. In Proceedings of UIST'11, p. 603-614, October 2011. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
D. Vogel & G. Casiez. Conté: multimodal input inspired by an artist's crayon. In Proceedings of UIST'11, p. 357-366, October 2011. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
M. Baglioni, S. Malacria, E. Lecolinet & Y. Guiard. Flick-and-brake: finger control over inertial/sustained scroll motion. In CHI'11 Extended abstracts (works in progress), p. 2281-2286, May 2011. ACM. [ACM] [YouTube]
A. Martinet, G. Casiez & L. Grisoni. The effect of DOF separation in 3D manipulation tasks with multi-touch displays. In Proceedings of VRST'10, p. 111-118, November 2010. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
S. Malacria, E. Lecolinet & Y. Guiard. Clutch-free panning and integrated pan-zoom control on touch-sensitive surfaces: the Cyclostar approach. In Proceedings of CHI'10, p. 2615-2624, May 2010. ACM. [ACM] [YouTube]
Q. Xu & G. Casiez. Push-and-pull switching: window switching based on window overlapping. In Proceedings of CHI'10, p. 1335-1338, May 2010. ACM. [ACM] [HAL] [YouTube]
A. Martinet, G. Casiez & L. Grisoni. The design and evaluation of 3D positioning techniques for multi-touch displays. In Proceedings of 3DUI'10, p. 115-118, March 2010. IEEE. [IEEE] [HAL] [YouTube]