Loki is an Inria project-team created in January 2018 in partnership with Université de Lille within the Joint Research Unit UMR 9189 CNRS-Centrale Lille-Université de Lille, CRIStAL. Loki is a follow-up of Mjolnir.

Our research aims at producing original ideas, fundamental knowledge and practical tools to inspire, inform and support the design of human-computer interactions.

We favor the vision of computers as tools, we would like them to empower people, and we believe this can only be achieved by supporting both transparent (from a cognitive perspective) and analytic use. We are focusing on how such tools can be designed and engineered, and propose as a long-term goal to specify and create new technology dedicated to interaction: the Interaction Machine. In the short to medium term, we will investigate this revision of interactive systems along three levels of dynamics of interaction.

Understanding the phenomena that occur at each of these levels and their relationships will help us to acquire the necessary knowledge and technological bricks to reconcile the way interactive systems are engineered with human abilities.

More about our scientific project in the team founding document: loki-distilled.pdf

Contact: gery.casiez@univ-lille.fr