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CIFRE funding to secure - in collaboration with Christophe Génolini, Zébrys
Data analysis is a complex task that requires writing computer code. Indeed, in many sensitive areas, analysis errors can have severe consequences such as wrong estimation of yet significant side effects of a drug. It is therefore critical to be able to verify the statistical analysis, which. This implies the ability to re-read code. But reading and writing code is a difficult task. And since statisticians are not always experienced programmers, it can be difficult for them to produce complex, robust, and not bugged code. The objective of the thesis is thus to study and implement new interactive tools to simplify the production of the code, and to facilitate its proofreading and debugging in the context of statistical analysis.
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Immersive virtual environments gained popularity in the past years although technical limitations used to degrade the immersion sensation and control capabilities. Recent VR headsets are promising technology to improve immersion thanks to better display resolution and head tracking accuracy. They are also shipped with input devices which provide multiple degrees of freedom. Overall, these technical improvements make it possible to study interaction in this kind of environment more effectively and finely. The goal of this thesis is to design and study new interaction techniques and devices for elementary tasks such as pointing and navigation in immersive VR environments. These novel techniques may for example leverage touch interaction and haptic feedback to increase performance and enhance control.
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Histories of command and their functionalities have undergone little evolution since their initial design, the ubiquitous "undo-redo", decades ago. In most applications today, the commands that contributed to a document are merely used as labels for intermediate document versions, while all the information used in their computation is forgotten as soon as the command is completed. This PhD project stems from the observation that this information is under-used, and forgotten too quickly; it aims at greatly increasing the navigating and editing capability of such systems. The goal is to treat the user's actions as full-fledged interactive objects, thus allowing users to edit and manipulate not only the most recent version of a document, but also its whole creation process. The thesis will propose new ways to navigate and exploit these augmented histories for content editing, error correction, and creative process sharing. The outcome of this project will be to augment the flexibility and operational vocabulary of interactive systems by including complete and interactive command histories at the lowest level of their design and use.
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