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Ph.D Students

Thibault Raffaillac
Inria Lille & Univ. Lille 1
with Stéphane Ducasse
Thesis: Languages and tools for programming interaction

publications: raffaillac17

Alexandre Kouyoumdjian
Univ. Paris Saclay
with Patrick Bourdot & Nicolas Ferey
Thesis: Multimodal Selection of Numerous Moving Targets in Large Visualization Platforms: Application to Interactive Molecular Simulation

publications: Interact15

Former Students

Justin Dan Mathew (PhD)
2013-2017 (defense: 02 Oct. 2017)
Inria Lille & Univ. Paris Saclay
with Brian FG Katz
Thesis: A Design Framework for User Interfaces of 3D Audio Production Tools

publications: NIME14-spads, Mathew2017

Oleksandr Zinenko (PhD)
2013-2016 (defense: 25 Nov. 2016)
Inria Saclay & Univ. Paris Saclay
with Cédric Bastoul
Thesis: Interactive Code Restructuring

Julie Wagner (PhD)
2010-2012 (defense: 6 Dec. 2012)
Inria Saclay
with Wendy Mackay
Thesis: A Body-centric Framework for Generating and Evaluating Novel Interaction Techniques

publications: bipad, wild2012, wmlisa, bodyscape

Emilien Ghomi (PhD)
2008-2012 (defense: 17 Dec. 2012)
Univ. Paris-Sud
with Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
Thesis: Designing Expressive Interaction Techniques for Novices Inspired by Expert Activities: The case of musical practice

publications: ghomi10, ewe, arpege-its

Magda Grammatikou (MSc)
Univ. Paris-Sud
with Theophanis Tsandilas
Thesis: BricoSketch: Replicating and Reusing Electronic and Physical Material in Professional Illustrations

Can Liu (MSc)
RWTH Aachen Univesity and Univ. Paris-Sud
with Jonathan Diehl and Jan Borchers
Thesis: Mobile Augmented Reality Note-Taking

publications: liu11, mobileAR

Quentin Roy (MSc)
Univ. Paris-Sud
Thesis: Interaction Transformation for Teleported Interfaces

Philippe Laulheret (undergrad.)
Thesis: Network Protocol for Multiple Input Devices Management

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